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Our Story

In 2003 Blair Purdie founded Homesit Christchurch.

Blair grew up at a busy veterinary clinic.  His dad Cameron who was one of New Zealand’s first vets introduced the family to the fun & challenges of caring for rural, domestic & even wild animals. Between circus animals, injured kiwis and mid-night ceasarians the family found time to enjoy pets of their own.  They owned a dashhound and bred siamese cats and went on to fill their home with the loveable & popular burmese breed.  For Blair there always seemed time for building aviaries in the backyard or tinkering with tropical fish but never quite enough time for homework!   During his vet nursing years and beyond Blair & pets were inseparable.  For over 25 years he doted on black labradors & burmese cats of his own.  It was no wonder then that in time he relished the opportunity to start his own business caring for pets at home where they’re happiest.  After opening a Christchurch branch for Homesit, NZ’s oldest professional home sitting agency, Blair quickly recognized the need to add a go-anyday pet-feeding service and so PetCalls was born.  And in 2012 as the Canterbury recovery got underway Tania McNeill joined the company to specialize in the recruitment and placement of their homesitters.

Today Homesit Christchurch is owned by Faith Pandian.    

After long stints in Australia and India working as a nurse and tour operator Faith returned home to Christchurch in 2007.  She is proud to build on Homesit’s history and reputation for excellence in petcare and is totally committed to going the extra mile to make a holiday work out without worries left behind!   

Faith grew up with cats, the occasional fish and a cockatiel during their time in Australia. Rani the beagle and Popsy the talkative tortishell cat are now much loved members of the household.   Using her cross-over nursing skills Faith has tended sick animals back to health and confidantly administers injections & medication when the need arises.   

Jenny oversees the hugely popular PetCall service.  Thorough screening, a good match and seamless support are essential to a successful home-sitting partnership and ensures pet-owners & their little loved ones will be well-cared for.